Message for PMEs

As a PME (Professional, Manager & Executive), you account for almost half the jobs in the workforce. This is only natural in a knowledge driven economy. And the number of PMEs will grow as more people embark on higher education and more talents join the market.

The question is simple: Can you compete and win?

If your graduation is more than 3 years ago, the knowledge from your Degree is probably obsolete. And you better seriously do something about it.

The good old days of "Get a Degree, Get a good job and Live happily ever" are gone.

Now it is all about performance, connections and innovation. The earlier you accept this, the faster you will adapt and thrive. But you said you have paid your dues and you deserve a little break.

Try telling this to the thousands of unemployed global talent out there who will work twice as hard and for less than half your pay. And you will be thankful that you are in Singapore, and that you have a job.

In our global world, change is constant. Competition is constant. And it is pressurizing and uncomfortable.

As Napoleon Hill said, there is always a seed or equal or greater opportunity in every adversity. You can survive and thrive, but only if you are willing to pay the price.

To help you jump start the new game, focus on the following:

1. Excel at work - results, not reasons

2. Sharpen your acumen - Prosper your organization, prosper yourself

3. Serve with passion - Without passion, you can be easily replaced

4. Help Others Succeed! - This is the universal law of reciprocity

If you do the above well, you will always be in demand. And you will always have a good job.

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