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Coaching is a buzzword that many used, but few truly understand. Coaching is not about touchy feely communications and motivation rah rah. It is about getting results with people, through people.

The Manager's role shifts from "command and control" to "empower and enable". This could be tricky because not many managers are empowered, or know how to empower. And it does not help that they have 101 things on their mind.

Simply assigning responsibility or authority to employees will not work. Both responsibility and authority must be assigned to the employee, and must be seen to be so. Most importantly, your employee must be ready and mature enough to be empowered. If not, you could create a whole new set of problems with power abuse.

One of the most popular coaching approaches is the GROW model by Sir John Whitmore. The Manager engages the employee through the 4 stage GROW:

  1. GOAL - questions to define the employee's goal clearly eg. What do you want to achieve?
  2. REALITY - questions to establish the current situation and context
    eg. What is the reality now?
  3. OPTIONS - open-ended questions to facilitate creative thinking to close the gap between the goal and reality
    eg. What could you do to get there?
  4. WRAP UP - targeted questions to get an agreement to specific actions and criteria for success eg. What would you do to follow through?

The GROW model is logically appealing but it does not always work, because Managers have different thinking styles and employees may not trust their bosses. The foundation of Coaching is trust. Without trust, no real Coaching can take place.

That is why at PMR, we advocate the CCFF approach. This approach can be used by both Managers and employees on a daily basis to increase role clarity and enhance performance. It helps the Manager to build trust and clarifies expectations with the employee, and goal achievement is a natural consequence.

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