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In a 24/7 world of smart gadgets and smarter employees, Career Development is increasingly becoming a necessity because it helps to attract and retain talent! And global companies like IBM and Virgin Atlantic are just two of the many fast movers.

Unfortunately, there is limited local literature and interest in Career Development, probably because many HR Professionals don't know where to look or how to start. It does not help that many Career Development initiatives are perceived as only for the select few (high potential employees) or when it is time to downsize!

Conventional Career Development systems also overwhelms because you have to go through the whole range of needs analysis, audit, ownership, project team, business case justification, pilot runs etc…

Furthermore, getting there is easy. Staying there is tough. As seen in the various quality certification marks, the massive amount of paperwork and maintenance required to renew the certification distracts from the real purpose of the mark, which is to help the business.

Finally, any program that does not contribute to the top and bottom line has no place in the corporate scheme of things. You cannot reward what you cannot measure! Apply this standard to all your corporate programs and you will see your profits soar!

To jump start your Career Development initiative, start right and start targeted. Starting right means there must be a tangible impact on the business. Starting targeted means it must impact the employee directly and positively.

You could start your Career Development initiative with a pilot group. Adopt the self development approach where you assign a "budget" to employees and they plan their self development activities (not just training) aligned with corporate objectives. To qualify for Career Development, they must meet requisite performance standards. Without performance, there is no need to talk about career development. Slowly but surely, employees will start to take responsibility for their careers within the organization.

The Company acts as a facilitator of the employee's Career Development by providing support systems, such as online resources, workbooks, workshops and career coaching etc… You will be amazed at the motivation and performance of your employees when they are given a free hand to perform well, and to develop their careers. And your corporate performance has no way to go but up!

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